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I truly understand the desire to find that one of a kind, unique, handcrafted piece of jewelry; whether it be a necklace, bracelets or earrings that have the ability to represent who I am or how I am feeling.  


From one day to the next my mood may shift from: tribal to earthy, Victorian romantic to whimsical, haute couture to vintage couture. What could possibly be better than having the ability to pair that mood with the perfect piece of jewelry? 


So I have made it my mission to create a line of jewelry that will represent all of the stages that we go through in life - or possibly even within one day.  Take some time to look around in my store and find the jewelry that best reflects your mood.


(You’ll also want to check out my daughter Madison’s creations…she is oh so clever!  Dog beds to Jewelry made from very interesting recycled materials)










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